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    Many discordant and hostile powers under the same standard? Wielka Encyklopedia PWN.. We calculated the extent of the optimistic and conservative HZ for. He was arrested and later escaped to Malaysia in , where he was captured and returned to Wielka Encyklopedia PWN Singapore in Schools, and. Mercy Mission UK. rasraitlenecad.ml uk/Content/PDF/rasraitlenecad.ml PWN Encyclopedia. https:// rasraitlenecad.ml

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    However already in Germany in the 30s and 40s of the 19th century and wider afterwards the negative receipt of bureaucracy spread out.

    Bureaucracy or to be more exact bureaucratism, is a synonym of administra- tive faults and organizational dysfunction. Wojnowski ed. Winczorek, Nauka o panstwie, LexisNexis, Warsaw , p. It led to the appointment of posts to people not necessarily belonging to the upper classes. Simultaneously it has allowed the rulers to strengthen their position towards aristocracy Idea of Max Weber Weber was the creator of the ideal bureaucracy concept.

    Formal regulation of official actions and behaviors, which causes the previously mentioned impersonality. Proper professional vision and distance to objectively run cases. Hierarchic organization and the relationships connected with them: the orders go down, whereas realization reports up.

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    Special archives serve for documents gathering. Action rationalization and optimal resources gathering connect- ed with it. At the turn of 19th and 20th century, Max Weber formulated a type of ideal bureaucracy as a phenomenon characterized by a long term neutral- ity. At the time in question, developed bureaucracy was essential and was connected with the range of problems of effective authority execution.

    We- ber established three kinds of authority: charismatic, traditional and legal. Whereas official posts and statuses are not hereditary. Smith was an extremely versatile man. He was an ethicist, economist, logician classical philologist and lecturer. When think- ing about effective administration, a lot is said today about leader concept.

    But both in traditional and modern aspect. There is a possibility of constituting legal regulation which should subordinate the members of a particular organization. The law system consists of a set of abstract rules, on the basis of which specific cases have been decided. The person who exercises the power is subordinated to legal order which in its own manner is impersonalized.

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    The person who subordinates to authority, is doing it all because be- ing a member of the organization with which is fully identified.

    The members of the organization who subordinate themselves to the person exercising power officer holding an office in reality subordi- nate themselves to an impersonalized, generally accepted and legal order Weber based his ideal bureaucracy model on legally specified compe- tences, especially separating authorization and duties.

    Rules of ideal bureaucracy from the idea of legal authority which had a strictly rational character Weber had introduced the basic rules of ideal bureaucracy. Rule 1. Clerk activities meet the law regulations. Rule 2. Precise description of both range and authorization conditions to fulfill orders or to use specific constraint measures. Rule 3. Weber based his bureaucratic organization on the hierarchy rule. Bendix, Max Weber. Hausner, Administracja publiczna…, p.

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    Kloskowska, Biurokracja, [in:] Encyklopedia socjologii, W. Kwasniewicz ed.

    Szacka, Wprowadzenie do socjologii, oficyna naukowa, Warsaw , p. Rule 4. Rule 5.

    The duty and privacy separation. Weber separated the official posts and proceedings connected with them.

    Rule 6. Formal qualifications. These are the fac- tors which serve to increase the effectiveness of the institution. Rule 7. Depersonalization or impersonality. The author- izations are depicted by proper and transparent that is straightforward regulations.

    Ecological dimensions of institutional education. Sustainable development - definitions, principles, policies. In: Keiner M. The Future of Sustainability, Springer, Dordrecht, Sustainable development the perspective of further civilization progress. Problemy ekorozwoju, 1 2 , Oxford University Press, Oxford, Official Journal of Laws, 50 Education Strategy for Sustainable Development.

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    Decade of education for sustainable development - Polish challenges. Problemy ekorozwoju - Problems of sustainable development, 5 1 , Economic dimension of the ecological issue.

    In: J. Gocko Eds. The moral message of the Church. Towards Educational to not known the future.