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Anything Goes (Script) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. That's why I can't go to London. I've got to stay here and - - RENO. Oh, so that's it, eh? All this time you were just giving me the run-around. -. Yumpu PDF Downloader. ANYTHING GOES script - 5th Avenue Theatre. ANYTHING GOES script - 5th Avenue Theatre. Print as pdf. All rights reserved to .

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Anything Goes Libretto Pdf

Anything Goes Off Broadway Libretto. Report. Post on Oct Views. Category: Documents. 26 Downloads. Download. prev. next. out of Anything Goes Script PDF - Free Ebook PDF Anything Goes Script at our Ebook Library. Get Anything Goes Script for free from our online. ANYTHING GOES script - 5th Avenue Theatre. READ. Cast of CharactersRENO SWEENEY, a sexy evangelist turned nightclub singerRENO'S SHOWGIRLS.

Exit Katerina and Sergey. Enter the shabby peasant, drunk. Then I had a kindly mate, wine and vodka he drank straight, hic! And as for my godfather dear, his only interest was in beer, hic! That whole family of mine couldn't last a day without good wine, hic! Why should they then outstrip me? I drink vodka enough for three, hic! I can drink the whole day through, nights and days and evenings too, summer, spring and winter deep, drink until I fall asleep, hic! I shall drink for evermore, I'm a jolly sort, for sure, hic!

MOONFor shame! JOHN exits So you've been playing cards. Do you know how to shoot craps? Taking out a pair of dice I put up my money. You put up your money. I throw a number. If I throw the samenumber before I throw a seven, I win. If not, you win. HE throws the dice Box cars! There's something wrong here.

Anything Goes (Script)

Don't mention it. What did I do? I nearly got nailed by my boss, and everyone's pointing at me inthis stupid disguise. MOONHey, don't knock the disguise. Hell, it's practically as good as mine!

Long time no see! You don't know me, Reno. Doctor, have you seen Mr. We don't have a mizzen mast. Then it must have been someone else. I want you to help me find someone. He's looking for Billy. Billy ought to be a big help to him. I say, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. Might I have yourautograph?

Why not? Saintspreserve us! Had me dancing about like Bojingles! Thank you. Good luck. Reno Sweeney. That's very sweet, but I'm afraid—She'd love to. Shall we say four o'clock? This is going to be likeconsorting with the enemy. Here's the plan. You get to his cabin early wearing something that slips offeasy. I bust in and catch him tearing your clothes off, then we blackmail him intobreaking the engagement.

Moon, that's despicable. You don't like it? I love it! We're two of a kind, all right. Through thick or thin. Night or day. Right or wrong! HE is strapping on abroadsword. Come in. And step in it.

I'm sorry, sir? I mean, sit on it. Bring it right away, will you? Yes, sir. I'll step on it. Makes no sense at all. Another knock Come in. Just put it down on the bed, will you.

I really wanted it beforeI started to dress. I hope it's good and hot. I thought it was the man with my tea! RENOWhat were you going to do if it was cold, cut off his head? Old family heirloom. Mother Harcourt wants me to wear it forthe wedding. You know, it's odd. The old dear's as taken with things English as I amwith things American. I'm not sure I follow. Caressing his neck Does this make it any clearer?

I mean you do things to me …Do things to you? I mean you send me. Send you where? One look at you and I get hot pants. SHE laughs I say, is something funny? Yeah, but it's also kinda cute.

What's going on here? So this is what I find! You beast, you despoiler ofinnocent girlhood. Look at this poor child, her clothes torn off by your fiendish attack,standing there in her nakedness. There's nothing wrong here. Do you think your girlfriend will marry you after this? And don't think she won'tknow, because I'm going to tell her!

Only make it a bit thicker. She does complain that I lack fervor.

anything goes musical script pdf

MOONNow wait a minute, buster. You're not taking the right attitude. I'm a dangerous man. You're an old sweetheart and you know it. I'm gonna prove to you I'm a desperate character.

Do you mindwaiting a minute? I won't be long. There's something I've got to tell you. This was a set-up. A set-up? We were going to frame you. Frame me? That was the idea. Now I guess you realize how serious this is! RENOMoon, are you nuts!

Put that thing away! You thought I would take advantage of Miss Sweeney here and youcame to her rescue and I admire you for it. I really admire you enormously! What's theexpression?

Snaps fingers I've got hot pants for you! You keep away from me or I'll shoot! I trust you're enjoying the crossing. No celebrities! I want celebrities! Squirming How about, uh, Gertrude Ederle? The channel swimmer? Is she on board?! What does he take us for? It must be her mother—she's the one behind all this. I hope it's better than the last one. Not yet, sir. Apprehend that man immediately! I've got to do something about this disguise.

Sailor, find out who this belongs to. Where is that dog? They always find their way home. You're like a trembling fawn.

Movie Screenplays A through M

Here, have a snort. HE offers his hip flask MRS. Liquor has never touched my lips. HE takes a long drink Ruff! Oh, Cheeky! The night was made for romance, my sweet. Will you marry me? I'm already married. Why don't you try her? You're welcome. Offstage MRS. MOON looks around, panics, and stuffs the dogin his pants.

Are you alright? I need your help.

What is it this time, Madam? I can't find my little Cheeky! MOON V. A splash. Dogs are good swimmers. MOON wears a white coatand carries a butterfly net Are you sure this is going to work?

Do you know him? He's going to marry my daughter. I am Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. The man you know as LordEvelyn Oakleigh is in reality my brother Edna.

Your brother Edna? He's deranged!

You have a family suite at Bedlam? My brother's keeper. Dear me, this is most upsetting. Ah hah! She doesn't know the signs. The telltale signs. The fatal signs. What signs? That's it! I mean, Evelyn. I say, how do you like it? HE draws his sword and brandishes it proudly Ahhh!! She's fine. She's just playing dead. Mother, mother … Billy, what have you done? And Evelyn isn't Evelyn, he's Edna.

After him! Come on! Harcourt down to her cabin, please. What else can go wrong? Cheer up. HE has picked up the fake beard.

HE waves it andbarks like a dog Cheeky! I beg your pardon. Half the women inNew York are crazy about him.

Why, just the other night one of the best-looking dames Iknow practically proposed to him. She did? Who was she? HOPE bursts into tears. Forgive me. I just can't help it. How's that?

I'm crazy about him. I've ruined my life! I've ruined his life! Things don't look that bad to me. THEY are standingat the rail, gazing deeply into each other's eyes. Offstage Hope! Oh, Hope! My God—mother! Do we want cognac or Cointreau in thewedding cake?

No more kidding around. Harcourt, Hope has somethingshe needs to tell you. Go on. The world won't end. I can't. General commotion asHE struggles to escape We've got him, ladies and gentlemen.

No cause for alarm! Public EnemyNumber One! Release that man! A celebrity like Snake Eyes Johnson?! But if I'm a famousmurderer, you roll out the red carpet. What do you mean, Doctor? I'm Moonface Martin. This could be our chance to do something important. Don't you see? It may be the whole reason we met. But you must also do something for me.

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Go home, leave Egypt forever. What are you saying? At least I will have a message of happiness knowing you are free. AIDA looks to the sky The irony of it nearly breaks her in two. She exits in the opposite direction. She has seen everything. So if your password is something guessable whats the best way to make. Alone and who are afraid usually for physical reasons to leave their homes. Brazoswood High School Varsity Choir invites you to attend the classic musical,.

Anything Goes, February , This musical comedy set in the s has evolved and. And all this must be done within a script that seems.

Anything Goes is a musical with music and lyrics by Cole Porter. The original book was a collaborative effort by Guy Bolton and P. Wodehouse, heavily revised by the team of Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse.

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